KACAWA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY has extensive R & D and manufacturing experience. Our goal is to maintain stringent attitude to help customers create the most excellent products. We develop and design new products by using all kinds of testing instruments and Coordinate Measuring Machine to provide high-quality and high-efficiency goods to meet the market requirements.

KACAWA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY follows a strategy of product diversification, primarily focused on the production and design of marine gasoline / diesel engine parts / plug-in machine parts. With this approach, we can customize each product furthermore according to demand. We have combined Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more than 50 professional production plants with durability and stability in seeking to offer superior products. KACAWA Industrial is fully committed to provide the highest global diversified products and services for our clients.

Our company employs KACAWA to design and present a professional marketing package for brands, providing customers with the highest quality products and competitive rates. Therefore, we are able to meet our customers’ satisfaction and continue our trust while developing innovative ideas.